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You can submit a support ticket from the Control Panel, we will answer it within the next 24 to 48 hours.


You can email us, but we use only the following email for technical support:


You can also join our community forums if you want to interact with other users and get instant answers.

You're free to upload up to 10Gb on the free hosting plan, but please be aware that the largest size for an individual file is limited to 10Mb.

Bandwidth is the amount of data your website can transfer per month, the free website hosting account is limited to 100Gb per month which would allow approximately 40000 visitors to your website every month. The bandwidth counter will reset monthly

You can up load to your free web space using a FTP app, you will find recommended free FTP software to download on the "Free FTP Software" from the "Files" section on VistaPanel. Another way is to use the free "Online File Manager" on VistaPanel.

You can view our tutorial on how to setup and use FTP to manage your files in the tutorial section of the control panel.

Yes, we allow PHP and you can choose between versions 5 & 7 from the control panel. You can create up to 10 MySQL databases even on the free hosting plans. So any software scripts that work with these technology should work on our free hosting

Yes we do offer PHPMyAdmin, you can also install Adminer and other database management utilities using Softaculous installer.

Any websites that would be illegal in the UK such as websites that contain copyrighted material without permission, inciting hatred, hacking and spamming scripts. We also do not allow the free hosting to be used for adult websites, files storage sites, web proxies. For more information please read our TOS.

If you are a customer then please open a ticket from the Control Panel, if not, you can email us at

The quickest way to get technical support is to login to the control panel and open a ticket, If you are not a customer or unable to login then email us at

Yes either with your own purchased SSL certificate that you can add inside the control panel or we provide a self signed certificate by default. Just add https:// infront of any of the addresses (including the control panel login) to turn on SSL connections. NB that some web browsers may report a certificate error or similar because the certificate is self signed. It is ok to accept the error and make an exception to allow this self signed certificate.

You will notice that we have adverts in the footer section of our website and also in the control panel area. These adverts allow us to offer the free hosting service at no cost

Confirmation emails are sent automatically when you sign up but can take a few minutes to reach your email account. If after 10 minutes you have not received your confirmation check your SPAM or junk emails folder.

No we don't put advertising on your public facing website pages. The advertising in only in the control panel area. Yes you can put your own advertising on your website as long as it doesn't link through to any website or service that would be illegal or against our TOS

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